Larry Potter and the Moormeister Case Pt. 1

According to post #18870 by user Lorendoc on’s “Noirish Los Angeles” forum, dated 1/15/2014,  the FBI’s General Crime Survey: Los Angeles dated April 15, 1945 described Larry Potter as a murder suspect who had come to the city from Utah after things got too hot for him there during Prohibition. The author obtained a copy of that report from the FBI on November 5, 2021 through a Freedom of Information Act request. This copy of the report, assuming it is the same one referenced by Lorendoc, did contain intel on Potter and mentions that he came from Salt Lake City, where he had a reputation of being a “pimp, gambler and small time racketeer,” but does not refer to him as a murder suspect.


Potter was connected to a murder case in Utah, however- though not as a suspect, at least not publicly. It was the violent murder of Dexter Moormeister, wife of Dr. Frank Moormeister, which took place February 21, 1930. Although it occurred outside Salt Lake City, many of the principal persons involved had ties to Los Angeles.

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