6633 Sunset: Donovan Residence / John E. Reed Photography Studio

Located at the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Cassil Place, 6633 Sunset was built in 1919 as a private residence and later became a photography studio.

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Texas Guinan



She wasn’t a gangster, a gambler or a bootlegger, but as Prohibition Era New York’s Queen of the Nightclubs she rubbed elbows with all three on a nightly basis.

Long before she was delighting Broadway with catch phrases like “Hello, sucker!” “Butter and egg man,” and “Give the little lady a great big hand,” Los Angeles had known her as a musical comedy chorine, and a rough-and-tumble star of western movies. The city never quite forgot her. 

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trocadero brawl 1934

The Strip became famous for fistic encounters between film industry professionals, Hollywood café society, and other newsworthy names. Once, such incidents might have been hushed up for fear of damaging the participants’ reputations. Now they were a publicist’s dream. Even the mainstream press reported them, tonguein-cheek, as amusing, boys-will-be-boys hijinks. If the incident involved Errol Flynn, women pulling each other’s hair out, or both- so much the better. Continue reading