Boxing Venues

052303ai_6In 1926, Los Angeles was pugilistic paradise. California was just entering a new era of professional boxing. From 1914 to 1925, bouts had been limited to 4 rounds. Now 10-round boxing was legal. Cauliflower connoisseurs could find a match on somewhere in the L.A. area almost any night of the week. Continue reading


Harry Greb in Hollywood

Harry_grebA professional boxer since 1913 and veteran of nearly 300 ring battles, the reigning middleweight champion of the world was famous for his aggressive fighting style, unorthodox training methods, and fast-paced lifestyle out of the ring. Los Angeles fight fans got to see The Pittsburg Windmill, Harry Greb, in action in early 1926 when he came west to meet Ted Morgan at Jack Doyle’s Vernon Coliseum. Continue reading