6290 Sunset: Pig Stand / Carpenter’s Drive-In

The Pig Stand drive-in was built on the southeast corner of Sunset and Vine in 1931 opposite the already-established Carpenter’s drive-in at 6285 on the northeast corner. Owners “California Pig Stands Inc. Ltd.” applied for a permit in August 1931. J.W. Stromberg was the architect. The permit for a roof sign was issued in September 1931.

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6285 Sunset Part 1: Carpenter’s Drive-In

The first Carpenter’s drive-in restaurant on Sunset Boulevard was located at the northeast corner of Sunset and Vine. This drive-in was demolished in 1937 so that NBC’s radio studio could be built on the site. NBC is covered in Part II. A new Carpenters opened across the street to the southeast corner at 6290 Sunset and has its own post.

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