A Big Sleep Chronology

The film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s debut 1939 novel, The Big Sleep, began filming in October 1944 but didn’t begin its run in Los Angeles area theaters until almost two years later, in September 1946. The usual explanation for delay is that World War II was ending soon so the studio held it back in order to rush its war-related films into theaters, and in the interim Lauren Bacall’s bad reviews for Confidential Agent led Warners to reshoot some of her scenes. A closer look at the timeline:

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The Gangster on Film

me, gangster

Gangster movies have been around almost as long as the motion picture industry itself, but it was not until the advent of sound pictures that the genre really took off. Ordinary moviegoers went to theaters to see dramatized the kinds of events they been horrified to read about everyday in the headlines. Real gangsters by all accounts liked seeing themselves glorified on screen. It became a question of life imitating art, or the other way around. 

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