8152 Sunset Blvd.: Garden of Allah Hotel

garden of allah postcard

The Garden of Allah Hotel

Film star Alla Nazimova purchased this approimately 3-acre property in 1919, then addresses as 8080 Sunset. In Febrary 1924 she began building  new residence at the rear of the existing one. In 1926, Jean Adams leased the property and with Nazimova’s cooperation added around 25 Spanish-style bungalows and what was said to be the largest outdoor pool in Hollywood at the time, intended as the “abiding place of the extremely wealthy who are willing to pay for the last word in service and exclusive surroundings.” It opened as the “Garden of Alla” hotel on January 8, 1927. Financial troubles forced Alla to sell out in 1928, though she continued on as a resident. Subsequent owners added an ‘H” to Alla in the name of the hotel, now the Garden of Allah.

Garden of Allah Hotel 10-12-1928

Garden of Allah Hotel ad 10-12-1928

photo pool

garden of allah hotel 7-10-1930

Garden of Allah Hotel ad 7-10-1930

garden of allah hotel 3-18-1931

Times were tough in 1931. Not everyone could afford $250 a month an up, even for a de luxe villa with drawing room, dining room, kitchen and hotel service. Ad 3-18-1931

The much-storied location attracted a movie-industry crowd. Humphrey Bogart moved in in 1945 after separating from wife Mayo Methot. He and new bride Lauren Bacall lived here together briefly, before buying Hedy Lamarr’s house in September 1946. Remodeled in 1956 as the “new” Garden of Allah hotel, the property was sold to Lytton Savings and Loan Assoc. in April 1959, who razed it for a new bank building- itself now the subject of a preservation effort.

garden of allah hotel 1-20-1949

Garden of Allah Hotel ad 1-20-1949

garden of allah hotel in the 1950s

A remodeled Garden of Allah Hotel in the 1950s

garden of allah hotel ad 2-2-1956

Garden of Allah Hotel ad 2-2-1956


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