8240 Sunset Blvd.: Colonial Drive-In / The Marquis


The Marquis Restaurant

Formerly the Colonial Drive-In, the Marquis, with its continental cuisine, offered upscale dining on the Sunset Strip by 1939. The top image also shows the Spanish-style 1927 Alta Mira apartments next door (8228 Sunset).

Colonial Drive-In 8240 sunset-1938

8240 Sunset Strip as the Colonial Drive-In, c. 1938. LAPL.

The restaurant was remodeled in a French-Norman style in 1953 on the same footprint, reopening September 15. In 1964 it was enlarged by architect Edward Farrell.

Marquis-restaurant-8240-sunset strip-reopening-9-15-1953

The Marquis reopening-9-15-1953. Owner Paul Verlengia later had the Lighted Tree restaurant on the Strip.

Marquis restaurant 8240 Sunset 1953 remodel

The 1953 French-Norman remodel of The Marquis, 8240 Sunset Blvd. George Mann photo. USC-digital.


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    • Hi,
      Not that I know of. His restaurants didn’t raise the usual red flags (high turnover, frequent raids, general chaos, etc). After running Marquis he had a restaurant at 7800-7810 Sunset, built between 1958-1959. He called it the Four Trees in 1960, and it ran without drama until his death, 1966. Real name was Francesco Paolo Verlengia but name change was typical, not (necessarily) suspicious.


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