8428 Sunset Blvd.

8428 Sunset Blvd. Russian Eagle


A nightspot existed in a former private residence at 8428 Sunset Blvd. as of 1930 at least, when it was the Cortez Club, managed by bootlegger-gambler (and future murder victim) Les Bruneman at the time of his involvement in the notorious Zeke Caress kidnapping in December of that year. By 1933 it was operating as the Club Seville, run by Alfred B. Freitas and raided by federal Prohibition officers for violation of the not-quite-yet-repealed Volstead Act (1). 8428 meanwhile, became one of the many Hollywood locations of the Russian Eagle supper club.

By the late 1930s it appears to have reverted to use as a private residence again, but as of 1943 it was operating as The Left Bank Theater.


(1) Frietas (sometimes spelled as “de Freitas”) reopened Club Seville in December 1935 across the street at 8433 Sunset, later the location of the famed Ciro’s.


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