8474 Sunset Blvd.


Normandie Village Apartments 

This quaint, rambling, peaked-roof French-Norman style apartment complex on the Sunset Strip opened in 1928 as La Ville Craig Chateaus, a “delightful bit of Southern France set down in Hollywood.” Monthly rent for apartments with three to six rooms started at $50.  Over the years the units included artist’s studios and some commercial shops. A fire on January 4, 1955, believed to have been caused by a cigarette, destroyed 25 of the 55 units. Normandie Village continued as a residence, however. It was threatened with a hi-rise hotel development in 1962, but survived that, too, but was demolished in 1970.

normandie-village-ad 5-22-1928

Ad for “La Ville Craig Chateaus.” 8474 Sunset Blvd. 5-22-1928.

normandievillagefrom ruins of 8477 Sunset 1952

1952 view of Normandie Village glimpsed from the ruins of the former Clover Club across the street at 8477 Sunset. Soon, fire would also destroy a portion of Normandie Village. USC.

fire Normandie Village 8474 sunset 1-5-1955

Aftermath of the fire damage, 1-5-1955.