8524 Sunset Blvd.

8524 sunset blvd

Charochka Russian restaurant 

For several years the 1930s, 8524 was the Asia Bazaar, an imported goods shop owned by modern dance pioneer Ruth St. Denis that sold oriental fabrics and antiques. It was later taken over for use as an auction house by the adjacent David Tennant Galleries. After Tennant moved out at the end of May 1945, the space became Charochka, one of two Russian restaurants on the Strip at the time. It was here through the end of 1947.

1947 12 Charochka 8524 sunset blvd


After that the space changed names and management frequently. By Sept 1951 it had been Club Bayou and was being sold at auction. By Dec 1951 it was Gypsy Camp, a Hungarian Restaurant with host Jerry Rothman of the Cal-Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe. By May 1954, Both Gypsy Camp and “Club 22” had come and gone and 8524 was reopening as Club Trocadero.

1951 12 29 8524 sunset as gypsy camp

8524 Sunset Blvd. as Gypsy Camp Hungarian restaurant, December 29, 1951.

1954 5 7 8524 sunset strip 5-7-54

Ad for the new Club Trocadero, 8524 Sunset Blvd., May 7, 1954.

trocclub 8524 sunset

8524 Sunset Strip as Club Trocadero, 1954.

The building underwent a significant remodeled and opened as “Dino’s Lodge” on March 21, 1958.

1958 3 21 dino's lodge 8524 sunset opning tonight

Ad for the opening night of Dino’s Lodge, 8524 Sunset Blvd., March 21, 1958.



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  1. Like all your research on these locations. Because of this entry I started looking up other things. Apparently after the New Club Trocadero there was a restaurant called the Alpine Lodge. It wasn’t terribly successful so they approached Dean Martin about using his name for a share of the profits and it became Dino’s Lodge. If links are permitted, here’s where I got that information:


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