The Oil Well on La Cienega

A little bit of Los Angeles history disappeared in 1946. In November 1945 it was announced that the oil well in the center of La Cienega Boulevard near Beverly Boulevard would soon be removed. The well had been pumping since 1907- before the street came along- and was long a tourist attraction.

The oil well in the 1930s. LAPL.


Tail o’ the Cock restaurant, seen here in 1945, was located near the oil well on La Cienega’s noted “Restaurant Row.” The round neon sign can be seen in the top image, right.

Part of the impetus for its removal was the construction of United-Rexall Drug Stores new headquarters building, to be erected on the southeast corner of Beverley and La Cienega.

By March 1946, the demolition was complete and La Cienega became just another boulevard.



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