7880 Sunset: Sunsfax Market

sunfax market 1934 7880 sunset

Sunfax Market 

Technically outside the generally established boundary of the Strip, the Sunfax Market at the SE corner of Sunset Blvd and Fairfax Ave. was constructed in 1934 by architect Martin Pohl for owner George E. Howard. The building was noteworthy at the time for its use of “S.O.S.” or “Standard of Safety” brick, made in Inglewood and said to be resistant to earthquake damage as well as dry rot, moisture and other deteriorating problems. Like the A&P/Thrify on the other corner of Fairfax, and the nearby Thriftimart, Crescent Heights and Sunset-Laurel markets, as well as most area grocery stores of the time, it was an open-front type, with the fruits and vegetables in prominent view from the street. Many visitors to Hollywood at the time commented on these colorful displays.

sunfax market 7880 sunset blvd 7-1-34

Sketch of the new Sunfax Market appeared in the Los Angeles Times 7-1-1934 shortly after a permit for its construction was applied for.

sunfax 1934 men lapl

Sunfax Market, 7880 Sunset Blvd. when new, 1934. LAPL.

The building and the market certainly withstood the test of time, operating for over 30 years (old for a Strip building) before the Sunfax’s fixtures were sold at auction in September 1968. The next month, a permit to demolish 7880 was applied for and a new A-frame style building, designed by Richard Stoddard to house a new upscale market, the Chalet Gourmet. The Sunset location became the first California store of the mini-chain when it opened October 30, 1969. It remains a market, now operated by Bristol Farms.

chalet gormet formerly sunfax site 7880 sunset 10-30-1969

Grand opening of Gourmet Chalet market, 7880 Sunset Blvd., built on the site of the demolished Sunfax Market, 10-30-1969.