9040 Sunset: Scandia


Scandia (2nd location) 

There wasn’t much doing at this address before the Scandia restaurant came along in 1958. During the brief but spectacular miniature golf craze of 1930, the manufacturers of Wee- Wee Golf kits located their sales office here, but that didn’t last long.

9040 Sunset in 1930

“America has gone Wee-Wee” For a wee time in 1930, 9040 Sunset was the headquarters of a miniature golf sales enterprise. The $15 kit could be purchased at upscale stores like Robinson’s, Bullock’s and H.B. Dyas

As of 1946, 9040 Sunset had become the business and home address of interior decorator Constance Rennick, who died in November of that year. In March 1957, Avery Rennick, widower of Constance, announced that he would demolish the existing structure and have a new one built on the site for Scandia restaurant, designed by architects Wilson & Vogler. Scandia moved here from 9131 Sunset in 1958. The 1958 building was itself demolished in 2015.

9040 Susnet in 1949

9040 Sunset seen at left (with arches) in this 1949 photo depicting the assassination attempt on Mickey Cohen outside 9039 Sunset, then operating as Sherry’s.


Scandia 9040 Sunset

Sketch of the future Scandia restaurant, 9040 Sunset Blvd. 3-10-1957.

Scandia 9040 Sunset

Announcing Scandia’s new location, 9040 Sunset Blvd. 4-14-1958.


4 thoughts on “9040 Sunset: Scandia

  1. Hi,
    I grew up understanding that my uncle, Robert Vogler, was one of the architects who designed Scandia. I see that your article and photo support this. However now I’m reading all over the internet that it was designed by Edward H. Fickett. Can you shed any light on this?


    • Hi Paul,
      I never came across Fickett’s name in connection with Scandia- so I’m not sure where people are getting that. Maybe he was affiliated with Wilson & Volger, though he seems to have been pretty busy on his own with tract house design at this time. It would be interesting to see the original permit from the county.


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