D.W. Dunham Ford

w_D_Dunham_ford_Los_AngelesHenry Ford introduced his model T passenger car, in 1908 the same year that 26-year old Walter Dix Dunham arrived in Los Angeles. In 1916 Dunham became one of the first Authorized Ford dealers. In the fall of 1925 he moved to a new larger home where the Angel City got its first look at the new and improved 1926 model T in colors other than black. Dunham sold the first one to a local dance hall operator who paid for it in pennies. Continue reading

The Public Library

Los-Angeles-central-branch-libraryDepending on when you arrived in Los Angeles in 1926, the main branch of the public library would be found in one of two locations: in rented quarters in the Metropolitan Building at Fifth & Broadway until July, then in the spectacular new library we know today. Continue reading

The May Company

Los Angeles May company

Newcomers to Los Angeles in 1926 might have wondered why the letter carved in the terra cotta corbels around the May Company’s entrance looked more like an “H” than an “M.” Residents who had been around longer were still getting used to calling the big white department store at Eighth & Broadway “The May Company” instead of “Hamburger’s.” Continue reading