8720 Sunset Blvd.

8720 sunset blvd. billy haines

William Haines. Inc. Antiques & Interiors 

Actor turned interior decorator-to-the-stars William “Billy” Haines operated the Haines-Foster antiques and interior decoration shop with partner Alfred Forster here as of 1936. Haines worked on the interior decoration of the Mocambo at 8588 Sunset. He was a solo act by 1945 and closed the business here in December of that year. In October, 1946, 8720 Sunset Strip became the salon of designer Don Loper who remained until moving to Rodeo drive in 1950.

8720 sunset blvd. as haines-foster 1-22-1939


12-10-45 Billy Haines 8720 Sunset


don loper 8720 sunset

Don Loper shoe salon, 1947

10-7-47 don at 8720 Sunset

Don Loper ready to wear, 1947

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