8863 Sunset Blvd.

angels corner liquor Sunset

Angels Corner Liquor 

Angels Corner was the title of the unpublished autobiography by ex-New York police detective Barney Ruditsky. After retiring from the NYPD in 1941 Ruditsky came to Los Angeles and had opened his Sunset Strip liquor store of the same name. It was still here as of 1962, the year that Ruditsky died. Ruditsky also worked as a private detective, with offices at 8818½  in 1947 (2). From 1948 to 1949 he was also co-owner of Sherry’s nightclub at 9039 Sunset Blvd. Ruditsky was the creator of a series based on his police career called The Lawless Years, which aired in 1959 around the same time as The Untouchables.


(1) Walter Winchell mentioned Barney’s Angels Corner liquor store in his “On Broadway” syndicated column in  June 1945.

(2) He later moved to 8533 Sunset.

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