The Eastman Kodak Building

kodak_building_los_angeles_645 s hill

Things moved so fast these days, what with airmail cutting 30 hours from the time it took to get mail from New York and high speed trains getting here from Chicago a whole business day sooner. A Kodak Brownie camera could capture a fleeting moment forever. As of 1926 you could get one at 643 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles when Eastman-Kodak Co. of Rochester, NY opened its local branch headquarters there.

kodak_building_los_angeles_645 s hill

3-28-1926.LA Times

The new Kodak Building opened at 643 S. Hill St. on March 29, 1926. As a “souvenir of the occasion,” Kodak offered complimentary Velvetone film developing. Kodak had maintained a retail presence in Los Angeles at 510 S. Broadway since 1906 and continued there for some years.


A Kodaker practicing the sport of Kodakery in 1926.

The Kodak Brownie camera was a product of the 20th Century. Eastman-Kodak introduced their affordable, easy to use box camera in 1900. It ushered in the era of informal, non-posed photography- the “snapshot” – that, in a snap, captured the little, everyday moments of life.

kodak_building_los_angeles_645 s hill

Kodak did repairs of its products too. 1926 was the last year of the folding Brownie.


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